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SkinPen Microneedling

The SkinPen is a quick, more gentle tool to use on your skin that will get you impactful results with a more comfortable experience overall.

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Lasting rejuvenation: stimulate new collagen and target the root causes of aging

As we get older, we begin to lose collagen, causing wrinkles, fine lines and other visible signs of aging. Microneedling uses thin needles to create controlled injuries to the skin, which stimulates the body’s natural production of healing collagen and elastin, strengthening and improving the skin’s elasticity. Tiny needle punctures stimulate new collagen growth that can help turn back the clock. The treatment also makes the skin more receptive to absorbing topical gels, creams, and serums that can help enhance the cosmetic benefits of the procedure.

How does CoolSculpting work?

CoolSculpting® employs a process known as Cryolipolysis. (“Cryo” = cold + “lipo” = fat cells + “lysis” = cell death and removal.) During treatment, stubborn fat deposits are subjected to controlled cooling.

The controlled cooling safely penetrates the skin. Subcutaneous fat cells begin to freeze. This ruptures the cell’s membrane. The ruptured fat cells are flagged for apoptosis –cell death and removal.

Over the passage of several weeks, the body’s immune system gathers the demolished fat cells. Frozen fat cells ultimately exit the body as waste. These fat cells cannot return or be replaced.

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